Horticultural twine

Horticultural twine

Horticultural twine

This product is designed for use as a guide in the correct growth of certain crops, such as tomatoes, peppers and courgettes, etc.

Material made in different colours (following a study by the Technical Department), with a polypropylene base it undergoes a process of fibrillation that provides high flexibility and a smooth touch. In order to achieve the desired duration, a set of latest-generation stabilisers is incorporated to guarantee effectiveness in the greenhouse or outdoors.



Manufactured in all the most common and marketed formats in the world (from 700 to 1200 m/kg). We have two main types of twines: flat and twisted tying twines.

The thread guide is very important for good greenhouse management because it guides the plant during growth, ensuring correct agricultural development.

The reliability of the product is paramount to guaranteeing crop safety and, thanks to decades of experience in this sector, Reyenvas twines comply with all application requirements.



We have a range of biodegradable horticultural twines for composting with agricultural waste at the end of the crop, helping improve waste management.



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Flat twine for guiding: R1000:5kg / black.

Our work and experience in the use of high quality recycled materials allows us to offer a reliable and high performance product, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.

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