for Horticultural twine

for Horticultural twine

Reyroll - Hook and roller for vertical trellising and crop support

A twine dispenser for vertical trellising and crop support of climbing tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and more. Made of a disposable horizontal roller with twine that is fixed on a clips. The system easily hangs onto the wire for easy installation and release of twine to lower crops.

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  • Lowering system with secure locking.
  • Double hook design, clip with not slide laterally.
  • Made of a support system with an interchangeable reel.
  • Different lengths from 12m upwards (depending on the twine weight).
  • Quick installation and long lasting design.
  • Valid for both high and low trellising.
  • Durable material made with recycled  and recyclable content.

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