Baler twine

Baler twine

The application in agricultural baling arises as a solution to farmers’ need for collecting and storing part of the cereal crops to feed and properly accommodate their livestock. The use of plastic polymer twine for this application, replacing metallic wire, involves economic savings and greater safety in its use and for animals.


With the acquisition of Ejidofil in 2004 and the brands associated with said company, Reyenvas became the leading national producer of polypropylene twisted twines. Our products are specially designed for use in baling machines and are approved by leading world manufacturers of this type of machine. We have followed the evolution of the baling sector to offer increasingly demanding products that combine high press density and suitable lengths for optimal per-bale costs.

We ensure the fundamental features of quality baler twine:

  • UV protection, adapted to the geographical area.

  • Selected raw materials of high quality.

  • Resistance to knotting, a determining factor in thicker formats, which guarantees high press density.

  • Constant and consistent quality.

  • Perfect winding, which optimises the space inside the machine cassette.

  • Smoothness, which makes knotting tighter and reduces the wear of the machinery thanks to less friction. It also increases work speed.

It is supplied in different colours and lengths, depending on the type of baling machine on which it is to be used.

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Reyenvas is a manufacturer belonging to the Armando Álvarez Group. Currently we are the largest Spanish converter of polyethylene plastic films. Our long experience working with the top ten of each sector allows us to adapt and create solutions to your needs.

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