To protect crops and soil from the action of atmospheric agents, avoid drying, the deterioration of fruit quality, the dragging of fertilisers and cooling of the soil, etc., at REYENVAS we transfer our hi-tech multilayer co-extrusion to the countryside, offering a wide range of mulch products depending on sunlight management and the specific effects required for each crop and climate zone:

  • NATURAL REYFILM. By allowing light radiation through, it ensures greater heating of the soil to improve early plant growth. Widely used in crops such as melon, cotton and corn, etc.
  • BLACK REYFILM. Opaque to solar radiation. Its main feature is its powerful herbicidal effect. Specially indicated for growing strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and lettuce, etc.
  • TWO-COLOUR REYFILM. Manufactured to take advantage of the effects provided by its colour (opacity, light reflection and temperature reduction, etc.). The most common: black/white and black/silver.
  • PHOTO SELECTIVE REYFILM. Semi-transparent, they include pigments that let part of the light radiation through, but filter out photosynthetically active radiations (PAR). The two most commonly used versions: green and brown.
  • REYFILM BIO. Manufactured with 100% biodegradable polymers. They are biodegraded directly on the land and assimilated by the micro-organisms in the soil, avoiding removal costs.
  • REY PRO ®. Removable mulch with pockets for anchoring the film to the ground without having to bury the sides, which helps with field processes in which the sheet has to be moved without altering the growth of the plant. Besides other applications, its use is specially indicated for asparagus crops and long-term crops such as fruit trees.
    • REYPRO THERMAL: Transparent, with thermic effect.
    • REY PRO BLACK: Black and completely opaque.
    • REY PRO EKO: Black/white.
    • REY PRO M+: Black/white with improved properties and longer lasting.
    • REY PRO TREE. Mulch with pockets, long-lasting. Its special resistance and the option for moving it around as required mean that our customers can work at the foot of the tree and benefit from the advantages provided by the use of mulch.
    • REY PRO ELAST: Multilayer mulch with high elasticity, which improves the quality of the asparagus and reduces harvesting times and therefore costs.
    • REY PRO TR: Multilayer mulch with high elasticity that combines biodegradable materials with the latest generation of polyethylene. The main advantages are the reduction of harvesting costs and the improvement in quality, due to the fact that the asparagus can continue to grow outside the ridge for several days without showing signs of oxidation, colouring or opening of the head, even increasing the proportion of extra white asparagus.

Sival 2023 Silver Medal Product Innovation Award winner)


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Reyenvas is a manufacturer belonging to the Armando Álvarez Group. Currently we are the largest Spanish converter of polyethylene plastic films. Our long experience working with the top ten of each sector allows us to adapt and create solutions to your needs.

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