Greenhouse covers


Greenhouse covers

At REYENVAS, films are manufactured from a mixture of different plastic polymers in multi-layer structures using the most advanced production
equipment. Its advantages range from early harvests to obtaining higherquality fruit by increasing yields, saving water and controlling diseases and pests more closely.

Thanks to our wide experience in manufacturing and marketing, we have a full range that covers all our customers’ requirements. The range includes thermic and non-thermic covers and a specific range for berries.


Very high performance thermic films that incorporate EVA/EBA copolymers and are manufactured in multilayer co-extrusion in various thicknesses to take advantage of the different materials applied in each layer.
Their composition includes a set of latest-generation additives for high durations and high resistance to chemical treatments.
The range includes diffused (D), transparent (T), white (N) and yellow (A) versions.

Its main features are:

  • Optimal mechanical properties by combining EVA/EBA copolymers with latest-generation polyethylenes, including metallocenes.
  • Excellent resistance to ageing caused by solar degradation and chemical treatments, which guarantees high durability.
  • A high-level global transmission of visible light, which ensures high luminosity inside the greenhouse.
  • Its high thermicity provides a high heat-insulation effect to help with early crops and prevent possible thermic inversions. It is also specially indicated for climates with sharp temperature differences between day and night.
  • The minimum guaranteed duration will depend on the climatology and light radiation of the country or zone in which it is to be used, as well as the thickness of the product. In climate zones such as the south of Spain, thicknesses of 200 μ can last up to four campaigns.
  • Products:
    • REYTEC

This is a range of thermic films manufactured with multilayer technology with a mixture of different types of polyethylene (LDPE).

  • These materials offer a good balance between mechanical properties and resistance to ageing and degradation, which affords them long service lives.
  • Their design determines a good balance in terms of optical properties. High transmission of visible light, which means great luminosity, together with a high level of light diffusion while avoiding shadows inside the greenhouse.
  • High thermic insulation effect, which reduces night-time cooling and the risk of frost.
  • The minimum guaranteed service life will depend on the climate and light radiation of the country or area in which it is used, as well as the thickness of the film. In climate zones such as the south of Spain, with thicknesses of 200 μ, the service life can reach up to 2 years.
  • Products:


These are non-thermic sheets manufactured with mixtures of different types of PE using multilayer coextrusion equipment. They are made in different thicknesses depending on the application, the area of use and the required service life.
Our products range from high diffusion films (D) to high transparency films (T). We also have an option for use with a yellowish tone besides standard translucent white.

  • Excellent mechanical resistance, which enables optimal performance under adverse weather conditions and with external agents.
  • Its composition makes it highly resistant to solar degradation and high temperatures.
  • As they are not thermic, these films are not recommended for areas and crops with large daytime and night-time temperature variations. The minimum guaranteed service life will depend on the climate and light radiation of the country or area in which it is used, as well as the thickness of the film. In climate zones such as the south of Spain, with thicknesses of 200 μ, the service life can reach up to 3 years.
  • Productos:
    • REYSUN


From the beginning with strawberry crops and now with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, REYENVAS is marketed as a reference for this type of application.
That’s why, in constant contact with the market, we have developed a full range of covers for macro-tunnels in response to our customers’ requirements.

  • Products:

          reyberry range.JPG

    • SPECIAL REYBERRY BB For blueberry cropS

        high thermicity.JPG


Developed at REYENVAS for use with fruit trees bearing red fruit (peaches, nectarines or plums, etc.). It helps activate anthocyanins, essential for the fruit to acquire its characteristic reddish hue.


In addition to the above families of greenhouse covers, we have a full range of special properties that can be incorporated into our greenhouse films to meet our customers’ requirements:

  • Covers with anti-fog effect.
  • High transparency covers - Glass.
  • Extra-diffusion covers.
  • Anti-pest covers.
  • Anti-thermic covers.
  • Covers with shading.

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Reyenvas is a manufacturer belonging to the Armando Álvarez Group. Currently we are the largest Spanish converter of polyethylene plastic films. Our long experience working with the top ten of each sector allows us to adapt and create solutions to your needs.

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