reyfresh range

reyfresh range

In the last few years we have developed a range of active packages and packings called reyfresh® whose main objective is to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

  • Allows transportation of fruits and vegetables to destinations that are increasingly afar.
  • Get longer duration in the shelves, coming in better conditions to the final customer.

For this, we have implemented a whole range of products to adapt to the different needs (uses) of the sector.


How does it work?

Certain fruits and vegetables (called climacteric) generate ethylene during the ripening process. Ethylene, in these cases behaves like a hormone of ripening and causes a faster ripening of the fruit. The more ethylene in the surrounding, the faster the ripening of the fruit and shorter its shelf life.

The mechanism of reyfresh®, consists of the absorption of part of the ethylene that the fruit (vegetable) gives off during its ripening process. Therefore, it is an absorber that reduces ethylene in the environment surrounding the fruit, delaying its ripening and extending the life expectancy. Furthermore, the use of this technology maintains the correct hydration and freshness of the fruit during storage or transport.

Where does it work?

This technology works, mainly, with fruits called climacteric as they are:


There are products such as Strawberries, where despite not being climacteric, there have been observed improvements in the use of this technology. However, in the case of Strawberries, the most common is the use of Pallet Hoods for a modified atmosphere (reyfresh-ATM).

Alimentary use

For the manufacture of this product range, a combination of inorganic additives are used, which are permanently maintained in the polymer structure and do not migrate with the passage of time. They are responsible for capturing ethylene. This guarantees that the film is inert with respect to the packaged fruit, not modifying at any time its organoleptic properties (color, aroma, flavor).

In addition, this molecule does not affect the food fitness of the packaging. This range of products has successfully passed the corresponding migration tests that the legislation of plastic materials in contact with foodstuffs marks.

We have the corresponding food fitness certificates.

Commercial range

This technology can be applied to any type of plastic packaging such as pallets hoods, bags, sheets, etc., offering a wide range of products adapted to the main packaging systems of the market.

  • FINAL reyfresh® PRODUCT
  • Perforated bags
  • Modified atmosphere


A universe of solutions

Armando Álvarez y reyenvas

Reyenvas is a manufacturer belonging to the Armando Álvarez Group. Currently we are the largest Spanish converter of polyethylene plastic films. Our long experience working with the top ten of each sector allows us to adapt and create solutions to your needs.

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