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Quality and Technology


Our spirit of innovation, outstanding service and quality, recognized and highly valued by our clients, constitute the main point of our proposals, with only one goal: the constant improvement in the total satisfaction of our clients.

Success in achieving this goal is based on strong relationships with our customers and suppliers, the firm commitment of our staff to the company’s values and objectives and the integration of Reyenvas S.A. into the largest national group of plastics processing companies and one of the main European groups, as is the Armando Alvarez Group.

At Reyenvas S.A. we go for an increase in our business volume,  national and international, and to increase productivity and efficiency, relying on research, innovation and technological development. Likewise, we constantly seek the optimal use of our resources and the minimization of our impact on the environment.


In an increasingly globalised market, quality is an essential strategic factor. Reyenvas S.A. bets on a system of quality assurance in all processes, based on continuous improvement and knowledge management, and whose main goal is to achieve excellence in all our areas. Our quality management system according to ISO 9001 has been fully implemented and certified since 1996.

quality and environment policy

A universe of solutions

Armando Álvarez y reyenvas

Reyenvas is a manufacturer belonging to the Armando Álvarez Group. Currently we are the largest Spanish converter of polyethylene plastic films. Our long experience working with the top ten of each sector allows us to adapt and create solutions to your needs.

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